Spot Varnish Business Cards

Adding Spot Varnish to a Business Card

If you’re looking for a way to make your business stand out from the crowd you’re going to need a great business card. While there are a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to colour and design, most people don’t think about the way their cards will be printed until the very last minute. You can have either a matt or gloss finish on your cards – sure – but everyone does that. Why not consider a spot varnish business card instead?

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What is Spot Varnish?

When you’re in business, it's important to have a business card that not only chronicles your personal details but also stands out from the gigantic collection of other business cards your client is bound to have. Adding spot varnish to your cards is a great way to make your personal mark on the world.

Spot varnish business cards are created by using a unique combination of both gloss and matt lamination. Certain parts of your card will be finished with a gloss cello glaze while other parts of your card have a matt finish.

Designing a Spot Varnish Business Card

Where you choose to use spot varnish on your cards is up to you. Some businesses choose to have all of the graphics or design on their cards highlighted with spot varnish and leave the entire background with a matt finish, offering a stunning contrast.

Others prefer to only have their company name or logo finished with a spot varnish. The choice is really up to you!

The more effort that’s put into the creation of your business card, the more professional it will look and, in turn, the better the results you’ll get as you use your spot finish business cards to market your business.

You should be proud of the business card you use to represent your business and at Printstar Promotions, we’re proud to help you design the perfect business card to achieve that goal! Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Call us now to discuss your printing options.